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Welcome to the CBZ & CvisionWebsite

About CBZ & Cvision CCTV
Founded in 2008, CBZ is the import arm of Security Supplies & its range of CCTV Cameras & Digital Video Recorders are available exclusively through the Security Supplies Group

Its main aim was to import the best available CCTV equipment from China & the Far East, & to supply Security Supplies customers with competitive, top quality CCTV products.

While most customers are happy to purchase products with the CBZ logo, others like to have the exclusivity of a camera that remains almost untraceable to the end user. This is an option that can be discussed with your local Branch Manager, & although minimum order quantities would apply, this is a service we are happy to offer.

Please contact your nearest Security Supplies Branch or send an email to for product prices. We pride ourselves that your customers will not find prices on the internet for our products, thereby protecting your margin & profitability.

Warranty & Quality
All CBZ cameras come with a 3 Year Warranty, & a 12 month advanced replacement.

Every camera is manufactured & tested in the factory & goes through a 3 stage quality control process. We only use Sony Chipsets with a minimum of 480TVL with the exception of 420TVL for spy cameras only .